Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Vampire Wedding!

Hi guys!
 thanks for your comments on my previous post! sorry about the length, loved vampire films from my childhood and could talk about them all day! Been busy following the vampire wedding film which i mentioned in my previous post! so excited for this one! I was blogging on a fan forum the other day about vampire films in general and mentioned vampire wedding to a fan who  was, like me, a big fan of the original vampire films like lost boys, The Dracula films, Nosferatu, Blood - the last vampire And one of my all time favorites - Let the right one in! And anyway before i go off track many people immediately started going on about twilight. Now don't get me wrong twilight is successful and partly well done as a film for its target audience but  once we've seen the first one a lot of people will agree with me is that twilight lacks action, it's acting is staged and its portrayal of love and desire appears forced. Although Bella and Edward throughout the films have to face obstacles and barriers to try and ultimately be together it does not, drive an audience. I do not find myself clinging onto the edge of my seat in the hope that Bella will survive the hunter vampire who attempts to kill her in the hope to spite her love edward - she is bitten and in pain but it does not appear real and thus does not grip us. 

What i love about the new Script for vampire wedding is that its full of quirky lines that emphasizes its comedy value in situations most women will find themselves at one point, the all too well known relationship trouble. For example when everything seems to be going downhill for Sophia when she suspects her gorgeous fiance Micheal is cheating on her, she does what every girl does "performs a funeral of all things Micheal" ripped up photographs galore, while spending time with her beloved cat and changes her answer phone message to the quirky;

Hi, this is Sophia, the most popular girl on the planet. Honestly, chances are that you have dialed the wrong number. And if not, you may express your compassion after the beep by reciting a poem, singing a song, or proposing marriage to my cat.
Thank you."

Sophia Heartfield, the wedding planner/ lawyer is not another Bella, she is a resembles all independent women out there who are just trying to do the right thing and end up with the man she loves. Vampire Weddings does it all, it makes us laugh, cry and whimper in our seats with gothic vampires, explosions, Glamour & rubies, disaster weddings, Silent vintage movie stars & even  a bit of garlic thrown in. 

And you haven't heard the best news yet, Vampire weddings is holding a competition to be one of the vampires in the film! 

For details send an email to

There will be opportunities soon to raid charity shops, costume shops, internet, ebay or simply make your own costume & become a vampire bride or groom! Halloween has come again only this time a hell of a lot better!
Email the link above or check out the Facebook fan page : for more information and a look at the awesome vampire wedding comic illustrations!
And follow the blog on tumblr too just click on: Vampire Wedding Blog
if thats not enough also follow vampire wedding on twitter!

this is one wedding that will everyone is invited too and definitly will go down with a bang!


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