Thursday, 24 December 2009

Just rediscovered this one

Wrote this when i was a tad wasted so excuse the ridiculous grammar, but i think it covers some good points. Let me know what you think. 

Why should we subject ourselves to censorship because we fear what people may take from our work? why cant something just be appreciated in its own fucked up form off art because of its brillance, not how it may be interpreted. why are we so afraid of an easily influnced audience who may commit copycat crimes or a petty excuse for human behaviour, i love the new attempt to pervent any such happenings nowadays or prevent people getting easily offended, which they do, anyone likes a good bitch. "the following characters are purely fictional" yah yah yah. Fuck sake. lets make a good fucked up film,  lets put a bit of pointless murder and outlandish human behaviour in it and lets not get worried about our audiences idolising these characters and just watch a really good piece of film that we will love purely because its fictional, no we cant go around killing people in diners, fucking on car bonnets or living of mad acid trips, its film, its fictional, its great entertainment. thats all it is. get over it. appreciate film in the fantasy that it is. anyway you want to feel, stick a great film of that genre in it and it wisks you away to a whole other scenerio then the more likely boring predicament your in. Why else are so obessed by film, tv and the like. Music influences us and so does film. No one can really say they are totually original. not even my own personal idols. everyone is influenced by everything and everyone else. some silly little viscous cycle but its brillant. thats why human nature is so fascanating! we all like to think we are so individual, so creative, so original but really we are just stuck in this petty viscous cycle.
But really.
What i meant to say was will you silly little audiences stop getting so easily offended by the odd, yet perhaps horrifying social realism, Are we too afriad of modern society? theres more horror, violence, murder, death in the daily news then there ever will be by loach, oldman, williams etc perhaps real life is perhaps to brutual to be pushed out there, to all limits and boundarys in shocking full colour image with the introduction to surround sound forcing sound in our ears. Perhaps we would rather lose ourselfs in meaningless romance films that never really portray a real sense of feeling instead just create a whole different illusion with beautiful scenic shots and introducing close ups that we spend our lives looking for characters that never really excist and fairytale endings that are never really that simple.


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