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Far too many films, far too little time


Again on adaptations:
First of all got to say very excited about the new lovely bones film i'm literally counting down the days till the release and although this has raised so much controversy and already fans of the books are refusing to take an interest in this one i'm pretty confident that  Jackson will do it justice. Been following the film in production for quite a while now and its looking good, just from a few screen shots Jackson has captured and created a beautiful illusion of heaven that readers of the book can only picture in our minds. However as Jacksons directed it for a family audience the rape and murder is skimmed over and mostly left out which will be interesting to see.
I can see the justice in this as in my previous experience of working for borders for a year many people who i reccomended the book to were put off by the first chapters with the mention of rape and murder. Alice sebold's writing is very intense and hard hitting, when i first read lovely bones it gripped me in such a way no other novel has in the sense she puts so much of herself in and provoked me into ready lucky, her autobiography which she has taken so much influence for in lovely bones. Her latest novel,  the almost moon was another slightly unnerving written for perhaps a more middle-aged audience with the account of a daughter looking after her disabled mother. But without getting far too carried away with my excitement of novel to film adaptations i think lovely bones is a challenging yet beautiful book to be made into a film with something almost  a mystical genre/ fairytale genre. And i've been waiting for the film verision since i read this in my childhood. 

The other film we have all been waiting for and now only 12 days till the cinema release is spike jonze's "where the wild things are" adapted from the children's book written Maurice Sendak, sneakingly i watch a preview online and had to stop myself watching the whole thing as its one of those you just have to see on the big screen. Ofcourse its destined to be a hit when both adults and children alike are fascinated by sendaks beautifully scripted imagination. In america alone it topped the box-office with $32.5 million in ticket sales and us in britian are still waiting for it. 
However there are the same arguments arising from lovely bones that it's supposedly "too scary" for the family audience but from what i can see i cant support this accusation when the wild things are seemingly "cuddly friendly creatures" if officials are going to complain against this, first look at family films such as the grinch or even monsters inc, all family oriented films surely the dynamics of these monsters are going to be more frightening for a younger audience? 
When i was a child i found the magic roundabout horrifying and after watching a short sequence when douglas gets lost in a room full of clowns i dont think it ever truly left me. 
However, the magic roundabout's reflection on the 60's and the subtle way it hints at drug use is bound to confuse a child so how on earth can we worry about big loving furry so-called "wild things" giving children nightmares?
I dont doubt that this is going to be beautiful editted and the narative will lull us into the false feeling of being back in our childhood being told a bedtime story but with modern film-making techniques and the use of special effects it will be a whole new experience.

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I seem to constantly find myself arguing with others about film tastes, perhaps I'm too biased and perhaps i intercept meaning from films in a completely selfish matter instead of looking at an audience reaction as a whole. this blog is for my views on films, i have a lot of them and i don't doubt there will be far too many irrelevant entry's on here but perhaps you will take a glance at them and leave your comments, perhaps you will find it interesting. i started this blog in a vain attempt to represent a student and young film-makers views on influential pieces and figures. Partly I'm copying Andre Bazin, Joseph Marie Lo Duca and Jacques Doniol Valcrose from Cashiers Du cinema but this is only because their thoughts and views inspire me and what they created was so beyond our time, now we have this massive global power we all so solely rely upon as the internet and theres hundreds of more accurate and intelligent and insightful bloggers out there on film but these are just my views for now,
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