Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The broken lovers

                     A slighyly ameatuer attempt at creating something beautiful
Okay so i've just created the final edit of our film for uni called the "broken lovers"  which attempts to confront the issue of drug abuse in 21st century britian and in order to create a more in-dept meaning the piece, rather than it fitting in with the other common drug abuse student films out there we introduced a character named david, and a character named lily and we focused on the co-dependancy between the drug and the relationship and turned lily, the seemingly sober character into the co-dependant character in the piece and turned the narrative on its side. I've never been into editting, was never particularly confident with final cut pro but i've put my all into this and im really proud of it. Instead of concentrating on the drug use and gritty close-ups of a kid taking cocaine which we dont really need to see, i chose instead slightly blurred - out of focus, warmer shots of the character lily, mixed with grainy shots of david doing cocaine in back alleyways but the drug isnt the focus matter in the shots and thats what we wanted to create. in other social realism films i find drug use sometimes far too much in your face, take requiem for a dream for instance, the editting sequences with the two characters pupils expanding after the drug use but at some points i found that  Darren aronofsky was putting to much focus on the actual drug use rather then its impact due to the target audience he was trying to hit.
I love seeing other peoples films and especially around students it's pretty inspiring seeing others creativity and i love when some-one who you think may not be actually all that comes out with such a amazing piece that's just gobsmacking with the beauty of it, but i believe in order to be a good film-maker you have to be able to critique, find a fault and discuss the good points and bits that were really effective. i really cant stand people when they see a piece of work that obviously reflects you and what you want to achieve  and they skim around the surface of what they feel, if you think its crap, just tell and i will respect your opionion a whole lot more then if you just say "its really good" oh dear this is such a angry blog but really kids, constructive critiscm and all that jazz? break it down for me, watch my films, you dont have to like them, they proberbly arent really "your thing" but still appreciate them?


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