Monday, 30 November 2009

Behind The Lense

An output for imagination
I seem to constantly find myself arguing with others about film tastes, perhaps I'm too biased and perhaps i intercept meaning from films in a completely selfish matter instead of looking at an audience reaction as a whole. this blog is for my views on films, i have a lot of them and i don't doubt there will be far too many irrelevant entry's on here but perhaps you will take a glance at them and leave your comments, perhaps you will find it interesting. i started this blog in a vain attempt to represent a student and young film-makers views on influential pieces and figures. Partly I'm copying Andre Bazin, Joseph Marie Lo Duca and Jacques Doniol Valcrose from Cashiers Du cinema but this is only because their thoughts and views inspire me and what they created was so beyond our time, now we have this massive global power we all so solely rely upon as the internet and theres hundreds of more accurate and intelligent and insightful bloggers out there on film but these are just my views for now,
have a look
love. life. empathy.

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