Monday, 24 May 2010

I just feel tired now if people are shocked. If it's not for you, just don't bloody watch it

Four Lions.
Chris Morris.
What a bloody legend.

So i've gone to see the film. Again. Because its just a little bit on the brillant side. It's about time britian came out with a decent comedy, showing us to have that little bit ahead of the average american blockbuster. It's comedy, at it's best. Simplistic at times and very childish humour chris morris doesn't try to make the film anything more then it is. Taking a very controversal subject topic and making it into lighthearted comedy it helps us prove us britians can see the funny side of things.And thats just what i love about british film. Okay so it is a subject matter we can be easily offended by but with just how ridiculous morris makes it you'd be a fool to really criticise. So negatives, At points i have to admit, Morris tries to hard. But then he makes up with a odd overdone explosion or two.  It is very slow humour at the beginning but he builds it up with a gripping pace that we get to know and love the characters, even if they are all blown up in a grotesque manner, The think that i loved about this film is that it doesn't just rely on the famous comedy faces, I'm so sick of will farrell, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill they are all the same. They can't pull off anything serious, let alone sophisticated. When I first saw Four lions I watched it in a arthouse cinema, Packed, I felt the film did begin slowly at first, in the crucial 15minutes for it to get started when we, as a audience are most likely to walk out But then he just really pushes it to the limits, Takes the overhanging threat of terrisiosm, a major concern and frequent subject matter in our news today and makes a joke out of it. Like only morris could. It's something only us, as british cinema, could get away with. Imagine the reception in america. So at parts its cringey, and at parts the humour is childish, but what comedy nowadays isnt? The only greatly recieved comedys are stoner comedies or the classic will farrell such as stepbrothers where you have two grown up men acting like children? It's more relaxed humour sure, but just because morris picks a controversal subject matter to make fun off do we not get it? Morris makes terrisiom out to be a childs game. Personally as a massive film geek i love this film, i love the ridiculous plot lines, the outlandish behaviour, the brillantly over done explosions and the sickenly lovable characters. The whole concept is ridiculous and thats just why we love him for it.
I love hearing different people's views on films so feel free to comment what you thought, But please if you are going to say its either good or bad, break it down for me.
The pursuit of approval usually ends in disaste

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