Thursday, 10 December 2009

Another one..

Not long now.
Okay perhaps a bit too excited about this one and i've already broken it down but its all about where the wild things are! Just downloaded the films soundtrack from itunes written by Karen O, lead singer from the yeah yeah yeahs and spike jonzes ex-girlfriend and its amazing, very obviously in the same style of the yeah yeah yeahs but karens adjusted her style in such a way its partly childlike to fit in with the films style. Really a big fan of Worried Shoes with vocals from karen and simple piano beats its a very childlike song and almost sounds like nursery ryhmes. In the style of sia, jessica hoop and spektar. The soundtrack alone for this is amazing. its well worth a listen. Its strange listening to this with the vocal intros as to where the song fits in with the film when i have previously prevented myself from seeing this as yet. the music is very "folky" and very instrumental but very upbeat.
Rumpus is another stunning little tune. Can't really place where it reminds me off, perhaps a bit of wolfe's in there but i think thats just from the sudden differences in paces in the song and the background but its a really happy little piece with a dramatic change from the backing children vocals in the solo instrumental bits bringing the pace right down on the song.
I wasnt never a particular fan of the yeah yeah yeahs i found them to mainstream and were lacking individuality but since the realease of this soundtrack by Karen O, have a bit more respect for them and just given them another listen, got to say my opinion was compleately wrong. Karens vocal style is not original and i think thats what originally put me off her but she is a powerful singer and her new style in where the wild things are is actually distinctive.
Just listening to this soundtrack has raised my expectations for this piece. this film, is going to be amazing.

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