Thursday, 10 December 2009

Nothing more than ordinary

Off the subject,
So i started this little site in the interest of talking purely film but its a cold, dismal day and im suffering from one hell of a hangover, feeling far too creative but can't move to film or be in the right state of mind to storyboard for a new project im filming- will talk about that one later. 
Lets talk about music.
just discovered patrick watson.  This boy is brillant, pure brillant, soft vocals teamed with sweetly written melody's really makes me smile. im a big sucker for acoustic talent. Some of the best songs are just a boy/girl with a guitar or piano. music should be like this. No sympthosized beats, no chipmunk voices. a talented singer, standing on a stage, on their own, with their instrument, singing lyrics they are passionate about. Beautiful.
I feel so out of place today. lost between two worlds. I think i've grown to far away from the confines of family but then lost in a big city i dont understand. Sometimes thats the best feeling, walking through streets, lost in your own thoughts and imagination, tripping over your own feet infront of strangers. But thats ok, no one recognises you here. I love the big open spaces and i love the harbour. sometimes i find this place mystical if you find the right places, sometimes i find it far too full of so called "chavs" - lets get on our figure hugging jeggings, paint of our faces orange and drink one too many vodka & redbull and act like we want to be 14 when really your a 30 year old state, starting on people your secretely envious of just because you have such low self esteem you hide behind your agressive mouth. I really hate these people, i know im going on a rant but why should people feel the need to belittle some one to get respect, im sure your beautiful underneith all the front, just give yourself a chance.
I miss the snow.
it never snows in southampton.
i want to run around like a kid again throwing snowballs and making bad attempts at designing a snow man, that after spending hours and so much effort on it will just melt the next day but the memorys, will last forever. i hope it snows this year. I want to film a short in the snow. that would just be beautiful.
I don't like christmas.
really, i believe the whole reason in it is lost underneath tinsel, glittering lights, selfish kids and a waste on presents we will hide and forget about or sell on ebay because we already have 3 playstations. Honestly, take this money, and give it those who really need it, you dont need another xbox - that guitar hero game isnt going to change your life, take that measley 20quid your grandmother gave you and you were just going to waste on a packet of BH gold and a bottle of smirnoff and give it to the undernorished kids in africa, give it to the girl who ran away from home because while you kids were getting spoilt all she was getting was violence. please, this time can we have some compassion?
I know it will cause arguments and perhaps i've always been afraid to stand up for what i believe in but this time i wont buy you countless bath set or that crossword book you never really wanted, i will donate the money to something worth while. I'd really like that if some day it was introduced for just one christmas we'd spend the same amount of money on ending famine and poverty that we spend on shit we dont really need.
petty useless dreams and ideas.
its the whole communist ideas i guess.
lets rediscover empthy

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