Sunday, 13 December 2009

Art is never appreciated in its own time

A New Revelation
Every film idea, design, concept I want to put forward will never be appreciated nor will I ever make enough money off it to make a living, so I’m pretty much fucked in that sense aren't I? Every film-maker has to conform to a target audience and change minuscule details to conform to censorship and general opinion, does anyone actually put out the final piece, exactly how they wanted it, not for the audience? My aims are the same, always have been, always will be. I want to create films tackling real issues, based on real experiences, real life, real - social- realism. I want to discover actors with talent, not tits and passion, not experience. I'm sick of hearing the "that new Johnny Deep film" or "you've got to see it, it's got Megan fox in it, and she gets all naked and gets her tits out and stuff" perhaps not in that exact phrases but I’m giving a summary. Honestly if you ask me who acted in some of my favorite films I couldn’t really tell you, not because I didn't appreciate the acting, I do, in from London to Brighton, Groome is absolutely amazing, she puts everything into her work, just from the auditions her crying, so passionate, the speech was almost horrifying, seeing the short audition in a empty room, reading of scripts you automatically gripped into the story lines with her frantic expressions and her childlike ways I cant even explain it but I’m going off subject here. I still had to look up her name, I suppose I have a bad memory but I do have a lot of faith in Groome, she's going to go far but I doubt she will go far with blockbusters in mind, with exception to Angus Thongs and the horrible change of title to Perfect Snogging (no respect for bad adaptations of books) she doesn't have the "look". Brutally honest. She is not stereotypically beautiful, not in a weird sense either she just appears very plain. I hate looking at actors in that way but from a cinematique point of view she worked well in from London to Brighton because of the bitter ugliness of the whole film, the pedophilic actions, the dirty side streets, the grotesque storyline's and acts of human nature, Williams snides away from beauty but in this because of all the dirty backdrop's groome looks beautiful in the innocent sense but mainstream she couldn't, ah that would not go down well in any review sense but its my opinion. 
Back to thoughts on my own dreams. 
Ultimately yes I do want to become a director of so-called art house films purely for the niche audiences but ideally that’s going against some of my strongest goals as a filmmaker. I want to step in and put on a short 30minute gritty social realism, harshly edited, with a short snappy gripping narrative in a screening for the latest twilight and force people to watch films based purely on real life and maybe they will learn something from it instead of fascinating over Patterson’s pert buttocks or Kirsten Stewarts poor attempts to convey a sense of heartbreak. The best films we watch are purely on accident I find. And they change the way we think forever- honestly can you say that about twilight?
Jonze did it. Meadows did it. Williams did it. Tarrantino did it. Frears. Kubrick. Hardwicke with thirteen - not twilight attempted it. 
But again I must strict to my points I don't know if my films, when they happen, will ever be appreciated the way in which I want them to be. Lets compare shall we:
From London to Brighton  - opening weekend showings - granted one screen - only showed for a short times at selected art house cinemas: takings in usa $6,700
twilight - first one - Catherine hardwickes attempt (before she got sacked!) lower budget USA box office figures : $192,769,854

How narrow-minded and easily pleased an audience we appear to be?
christ the latest twilight bought in bigger audiences than the dark knight, surely this isn't right? the book was brillant, really but the film adaption awful and I’m not being prejudice because its obviously not a favorite genre of mine it was just done shockingly bad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against all romances, you may hate me for this but the notebook was a good film, I’m not saying this because I’m a sterotypical woman and I’m going to fall in love with any actor who got his top off, the shots were beautiful, every element and ideas of romance was captured in the shot of the couple on the lake, I could be here all day breaking down the mise-en-scene and shot in this one, every crucial element from the birds signifying beauty, nature, freedom to the turbulance in their relationship with the water its just  really well designed shot and it sold the movie for me. and Nicholos Sparks narrative on this was just beautiful. But mostly I love a bit of drama and gritty, gut wrenching social realism

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