Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lend me your wings and teach me how to fly.

Lost in a stream of creativity sometimes you get lost in fantasy and confuse reality with the images and sequences we want to create. I love being behind a camera, directing action just how i want it, I love being able to be very selfish in the sense that i can just decide exactly what i want to happen, Directing allows us to react certian scenarios and change them to how we wanted them to come out, in real life sometimes this is out of our control. When i direct i always get my way. 
I haven't posted on here for a while, been busy writing scripts, really in a creative frame of mind at the moment that its all i'm thinking off, little quirky comedys, gritty dramas and working on a short music video for a great little band called the Haunted Stereo

Check them out on good old myspace, really worth a listen if you haven't yet:
haunted stereo music

So I've just finnished my final draft of the script for their a classic little love story about a girl being left by her boyfriend and we follow the girls struggle as she seems lost, distraught, the focus however will be the imagery in this piece. Going to go a bit OTT with timelapse, close up's and use a bit of shitty british weather in a good way, Its going to be a bit of umbrella over the camera job but edit these rainy depressing scenes with sunny, happy sequences of the two lovers in beautiful settings, thus hopefully building up the emotion. Really want to film something in empty field at sunset but i suppose thats a bit cliched what with the whole twilight scene i guess but i want to experiment with this one a bit. Also going to avoid black and white use of flashback and instead give it a "family film" feel, mess around with the exposure and perhaps film some bits overexposed but im not sure. Just really want to get out there and start filming!
Test Shoots tomorrow, Watch this space. 

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  1. sounds soo good! your so clever and have the best ideas
    love sam





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