Thursday, 11 March 2010

I could take a hundred photographs of your smile

So I'm doing a bit of what i thought would be tiresome and irrelevant background research into agrophobia for our next film and its totaully eye-opening. Exploring the magical world of internet blogging i stumbled across some of the most heart warming, heart breaking, inspiring and sometimes even frightining entries out there. These people are unafraid to put everything they are into a single blog entry online, telling totaul strangers their hopes, dreams and fears. For some, it appears as a lifeline, The dedication that some people have is admirable. I'm ashamed to say its taken me this long to really realise how ridiculous it is to be worried about others judging you, Our faults, our problems, our pasts, make us the way we are and if people can't accept that then they really aren't worth your time. 
Check out this blog, perhaps it will make you see the bigger picture, theres bigger problems out there and stronger people, and we don't even take the time out of our ever so important problems to notice someone, Who desperately needs to be heard.

"And in that moment, We Felt Infinite" 

This has to be one of my Favourite qoutes of all time by Stephen Chobsky from one of the most beautiful books i have ever read, Perks of being a wallflower. Perhaps we should live our lives for those moments or perhaps we should try to make these moments endless, 24/7 feeling infinite, We are all too young to ever die, No one will ever beat us nor can we be pushed down. We are invincible. 
I love moments like this when the most simple and unexpected things can influence you or completely change your views or state of mind on things. Like hearing that song once on the radio and listening to it over and over again for weeks, Scripting different storyboards, Hundreds of different shots, different narratives for that one song that simply warmed our ear drums
"That one song thats just like ecstasy to the ears"
Who needs drugs when you have passion?

I'm sick of drugs, i'm constantly hearing from others of (such a mental one) been fucked for days etc but seriously are you going to have your best times of your life from sniffing a fuck load of crap up your nose? If you are then you seriously have to take a bit of time out and look at yourself. 
For me I can get the most amazing feeling of beauty, love and happiness simply from summers day, those everyday little Beautys of nature, Listening to amazing musicans like the Beatles,Simon & Garfunkel, small faces, Dylan, Kinks etc.
Dreaming of you by the coral and Waterloo sunset by the kinks will make me smile no matter what.
Not a massive fan of this saying and i do find it cliched but i am high on life, I have amazing friends, family and a beautiful boy, I'm doing what i want with life and i have the freedom to fuck it up in every beautiful mistake that i can and its great.
I'm far too young to be worrying about the bigger world out their, i will when i need to but right now i'm living for today, tonight & Tomorrow

"If these are mistakes. I'd Make them all again"
(saw this qoute on the back of a pub toilet door, by far the best toilet door in the world. everyone and anyone who had something to say wrote it on this door, and theirs some of the most beautiful messages on their. The First time I'd found Love of humanity for a long time in the most unexpected of places.)

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